What is End of Tenancy Cleaning & Who is Responsible?

Tenants rent domestic or commercial property for a contracted period of time. End of tenancy cleaning always happens at the end of a rental contract. Tenancy agreements state that the house or flat should be in the same condition as it was before you moved in. Landlords and agencies will definitely notice any damage or cleaning that hasn’t been done, however trivial it may seem. The property can’t just be clean, it has to be spotless. Therefore, if you want to absolutely guarantee they won’t hit you with any harsh penalties, end of tenancy cleaning must be thorough.

Is professional cleaning required at the end of tenancy?

Professional cleaning is advised in order to save any discrepancies between tenants, owners or agencies. As a tenant, you can save yourself the hassle of a long deep clean, and give yourself some piece of mind about the deposit and potential agency fees. As a seller, you can be sure that your house or flat will be in an ideal condition for potential buyers. Everyone expects high levels of cleanliness when they view a potential new house or flat. It’s extremely important to get it right, so why not make it a professional job. Swift Cleaning Services offer reliable cleaning services in Gloucester, Cheltenham, and surrounding areas of Gloucestershire. Swift are a family run, 5 star rated cleaning company.

How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

The cost really depends on how many rooms are at the property to be cleaned, how big the space is and how long it will take. As a guide 1 room will start from £150-£250, 2 rooms from £200-£300 and so on. A useful tip is to look for companies who offer discounts on multiple rooms, if that is not advertised use your bargaining power to get the best deal possible for your end of tenancy clean.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips:

First of all, the less clutter you have, the easier it will be to clean the place. Ideally your house or flat should be totally empty in order to do the job properly. You need to make your own inspection before you use a professional cleaner or decide to do it yourself. Obviously, any repairs that need to be made will be much cheaper if you arrange them yourself, rather than letting the landlord or agency deal with it.

Make a checklist so you don’t forget anything! All of the rooms need to be included, as well as hallways, porches etc… Don’t forget small items that may be overlooked, such as curtains, blinds, the oven, the fridge-freezer, all windows (inner and outer), as well as any stains on the walls, floors, ceilings and carpets. Grubby handprints around light switches should be removed. Don’t forget about limescale on shower heads and taps. Vinegar and scouring pads work wonders!

Some landlords take photos or videos of the property before you move into it, so that can also be a great tool to make a reliable before and after check. A lot of landlords and agencies make an inventory list for you to check, which could also be helpful. After seeing that, you may decide your time and peace of mind is worth more money than all that work.

A lot of people can’t decide whether to hire in professional end of tenancy cleaners, or risk doing it themselves. If you know how to clean the house or flat in the exact way they require it to be done, then take the gamble, but if you want to get 100% of your money back, guaranteed, we are here to help. Save yourself a lot of time and stress!