Carpets are one of the most popular floor coverings in the UK, and it is important to keep them cleaned for multiple reasons:

Carpets get soiled over time from all the feet, pets and other items in our daily lives. There can be all kinds of dirt deep inside them, including hair, mites, stains from food and drinks and much more.

Asthmatics suffer unnecessarily from too much dust in carpets, they can look bad and smell bad without being professionally cleaned, so let’s look into the best methods of keeping them looking new and beautiful!

Of course, it depends on how many people use the space. Whether people are wearing shoes and if there are pets or not. It also depends on the thickness of the carpets used; Offices normally use thin dense carpets that don’t get small bits and pieces stuck in them so easily. Thicker, more luxurious carpets are harder to clean by hoovering alone. For busy office spaces where everyone is walking about with food and drinks all day, we recommend daily vacuuming to reduce allergens and pick up all that dirt. For small families, twice weekly vacuuming will suffice, but you should also consider professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year.


3 of the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods:


Steam Cleaning

Perfect for domestic or commercial settings, professional steam cleaning uses high pressured steam, pumped into the carpet at high temperature. Steam cleaning is excellent for really getting rid of dust mites, bad smells and all kinds of bacteria.

If you buy or hire a carpet steamer, it only takes about 30 minutes per room. This treatment is also extremely effective at removing grime, stains and bad odours from carpets, as well as dramatically improving appearances.



Carpet shampooing is a great effective option for really deep carpet cleaning. The machine resembles the carpet steamer, which looks similar to a hoover. It injects soapy water into the carpet, and then you have to slowly follow the same line you already made to suck the water out again. If you want to try this option yourself, don’t forget to read the manual with care.

Always use the recommended shampoo, and the correct amount of water. You will have to hire or buy a carpet cleaning machine, remove all of the furniture and give it 6-10 hours to dry. It’s a slow process, and can’t be rushed if you want to do it properly. You will need to change the dirty water, repeating the process until the carpet looks beautifully clean.


Dry Powder Cleaning

This technique combines a safe solvent, a small amount of water and a natural soap, mixed together and sprinkled all over the carpet. It forms little sandy clusters, which absorb dirt like sponges, and can then be simply vacuumed up. It’s one of the simplest techniques, and it’s great for commercial spaces, but it isn’t a deep cleaning option like the first 2 mentioned above.


How Much to get Carpets Cleaned Professionally?

Getting your carpets cleaned professionally will cost more than self-cleaning or renting a machine, but you will have no running around to do to gather equipment and cleaning products. Also you will not have to worry about if you are doing things right, or things going wrong! These things are both stressful and time consuming.

Having a professional in to complete carpet cleaning means you will have an experienced, fully insured cleaner. Not only do they know exactly what they are doing (as they do it day in, day out) but they will also be fully insured should anything go wrong, giving you peace of mind and time to get on with other important life tasks.

Prices generally range from £50-£150 per room depending on your location and the method used by the company. Swift Cleaning Services are experienced carpet cleaners operating in Cheltenham & Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Prices start from £60 for the first room, and £40 for every following room. Get in touch today for a carpet cleaning quote for your home or workplace.